My name is Daria Rhein also known as Rei. Originally Muscovite, now I am a freelance artist living and working in Berlin. 

I am proficient in drawing, painting, animation (2D), sculpture (miniature) and always keen to learn something new. 

My absolute passion is drawing with traditional tools such as ink, paper and watercolour. However, I am experienced with other digital and traditional drawing techniques. I try to add as much life, dynamic and expression to my work as it feels right. It is one of my strongest skills together with an ability to sketch a scene, character, idea or whatnot very quickly with just a few lines. If you have already looked through my portfolio, you probably noticed that. If not, please have a look and find out.  

Always carrying my sketchbooks about all the time to either sketch down a new idea, draw a colourful scene or character I see on a street of in the underground or explain something to someone with whom we don’t share a language.  

I speak fluently English and Russian, and some elementary German. Have some basic knowledge of Japanese and would like to continue learning it. 

If you would like to know something more about me I can feel that I like books, RPG games, monsters, nature and magic that it brings to our lives, adventures and creating ridiculous stories. A representation of myself is a little wicked blue cat which you can ring throughout my work as the signature. 

For commissions, questions, employment opportunities or just a little art chat please mail to
I shall be happy to receive your message!

Berlin, Germany.
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