Milk and Toffee

Miniature ball jointed dolls made by me and produced in resin in two colors: Milk and Toffee. Mold name is Vert. Dolls based on the first one I've made two years ago. Dolls are just 8cm tall, have 19 parts, wear replaceble 8mm eyes. Can stand by itself. Edition is 30 pcs each color. And now 15 Toffee and 15 Milk are available for preorder! Nude doll with 8mm acrillyc eyes with no make up costs $220 Make up is optional. Costs $30 Fpr more information feel free to contact me!

are now coming to our world as a miniature ball jointed dolls!
Everyone has a dair but not everyone has been found one.
 he or she will support you as good as he or she can! 
They brings a little sunshine when you sad and make you smile anytime you look at this little creature.
In this project I'd like to show the first resin edition of sculpted by me miniature BJDs. 
They are just 8cm tall and wearing 8mm eyes. They can stand by theyselves and so tiny that you can hold even more then two of them in one hand.
Mold name is Vert - for the name of my first ball jointed doll. 
Some more information of them and how to order you can find in a project description and at my blog.
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